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Venezuela checked the Buk-MHNUMXE air defense system to shoot down American planes and helicopters. Video

In Venezuela, fired at targets that simulate airplanes and helicopters of the US Air Force.

Crisis relations between Venezuela and the United States are forcing the Venezuelan military to carefully prepare for a possible repulse of the attack from the United States of America. More recently, it became known that the Venezuelan air force tested the Soviet X-31 supersonic cruise missile, and the day before the data appeared on the conduct of exercises with the participation of Venezuelan air defense weapons.

On the presented video frames, you can see how the Venezuelan Buk-M2E air defense missile system carries out a combat training launch of an anti-aircraft missile at a conventional target that simulates an approaching enemy aircraft. Taking into account the fact that the exercises were not conducted using electronic launches, but in a situation close to the combat situation, analysts believe that Venezuela is seriously preparing to confront the United States, especially since earlier photos appeared showing the development of the C-300 “Favorite” in Venezuela.

According to analysts, Venezuela should not expect a direct invasion from the United States, since this will lead to a powerful opposition from official Caracas.

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