Venezuelan C-300 failed to shoot down an American military aircraft

Air defense systems C-300 brought Venezuela, showing a serious problem.

After the Su-30 fighter carried out a harsh interception of the US military aircraft EP-3E ARIES in the airspace of the country, it became known that Venezuela simply didn’t have another opportunity to resist the American military aircraft, even in the country’s airspace. 300, in service with the Latin American state, simply could not shoot down a military aircraft.

Experts pay attention to the fact that, judging by the place of interception of the American military aircraft, the nearest positions of the Venezuelan air defense system C-300 are located at a distance of 350-400 kilometers, which is far beyond the effective range of destruction.

"This incident showed that the US military aircraft will continue to violate the airspace of Venezuela, since the Venezuelan C-300, in service, has serious limitations on the range, which, obviously, is actively used in Washington", - the expert marks.

On the other hand, experts pay attention to the fact. that the Venezuelan Air Force has armed fighters capable of hitting air targets that the air defense systems do not reach.

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C-300 does not work on crowding out aircraft, but only on destruction. If Vinezuela applied C-300 it would be a military conflict -> war. Just to displace alien aircraft there are fighters who can drive away guests without using weapons.

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Could not shoot down - and shot? Did Drying shoot and shoot down? Is Venezuela fighting with the USA? After all, “hard interception” is not an air battle, and preventing a foreign military plane from flying is not its destruction, but launching a rocket ...

less than 200km

So shot down "or nearly shot down?" The consequences are different. Most likely, SU30 got lost in JE P ES and he flew to Honduras. It happens...

Absolu How can you say that the C-300 could not shoot down an American plane at a distance of 350 - 400 km, if C-300 was not designed for this, since its maximum range of action is equal to 300 km?