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Hungarian fighters almost shot down a Ukrainian airplane

The Hungarian Air Force was ready to destroy the Ukrainian aircraft.

The disposal of the resource was information that the Hungarian Air Force fighters were ready to destroy the Ukrainian airplane that illegally crossed the country's airspace. The incident occurred on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border near the checkpoint "Luzhniki - Beregshuran" over the weekend, and is claimed to competent sources, the tragic destruction of the plane has been avoided only thanks to the fact that for a few seconds before deciding to attack the weak Ukrainian plane, he returned to the air space of Ukraine.

At the moment it is known that this is a small aircraft, which, it is likely, transported illegal immigrants from Ukraine to Europe, or carried out contraband (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.). According to this fact, the indignation of the Hungarian authorities was already sent to Ukraine, while it was reported that the Ukrainian pilot had hesitated a few more moments, and the plane would have been unconditionally destroyed.

This incident is far from the first - before the resource already reported that a Ukrainian plane landed on the territory of one of the European countries, on board which were transported illegal migrants. With this in mind, the EU authorities can take a number of restrictions against Ukraine and even introduce sanctions measures, since this country does not ensure proper control of its borders.

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