Ka-62 Helicopter Passes First Flight Tests

In Russia, the Ka-62 helicopter was tested.

The newest Russian Ka-62 helicopter has undergone its first flight tests, which, according to official sources, have come to an end successfully, which most likely indicates the fact that the aircraft will be ready for serial production, at least for this there are all grounds.

To date, the Ka-62 helicopter can compete with Western aircraft manufacturers, which is associated not only with sufficiently high flying-technical characteristics, scope of application (transportation of people, oil and gas industry, rescue operations, etc.), but also with a very reasonable cost. It is possible that in the near future these helicopters can start exporting to other countries.

The familiar aviators told me that there is nothing worse for a helicopter than an engine over a cabin - in the case of a (very) hard landing, it has all the chances to lie on the heads of the crew and passengers. It will not survive, they say, no one.

Is it true, aviators?