A helicopter flying to rescue a plane with shot down Americans is also shot down by Taliban militants

American rangers flying to the site of a downed US Air Force plane in Afghanistan were also shot down by the Taliban.

A few hours ago, Taliban militants published information about the downed Bombardier E-11A American military repeater, confirming this information with the corresponding video frames. Nevertheless, as it turned out, the American rangers heading for the scene of the tragedy in a helicopter also fell under the attack of the Taliban - the helicopter was shot down, and all 7 soldiers on board (according to other sources - 11 people - ed.), Were killed.

How exactly the helicopter was shot down is still unknown, however, sources claim that, unlike the destroyed repeater plane, the rotorcraft was shot down from an anti-aircraft gun, however, it is alleged that the militants ambushed the US military, knowing that the latter will head to the place of the downed plane.

Pentagon officials refuse to comment on the loss of a plane or helicopter of the US Air Force, as well as the deaths of several dozen military personnel, which obviously indicates a serious blow to Washington’s reputation in the region.

Specialists call today the worst in US history during the hostilities in Afghanistan, because, according to a number of data, only today the Taliban destroyed at least 34 US troops, one plane and one helicopter.

For thousands of Afghans this is really a holiday, especially for the Taliban.

The USA, rangers, PMCs, Freud psychologist, are one RING of the Pentagon’s actions, and THEIR activity is incomparable with the destruction of Aleppo.

What would happen to penguins if we supplied weapons to the Taliban, as penguins used to deliver to the Mujahideen?
But debt is red by payment.
However, the Taliban themselves do a good job.

It's just some kind of holiday


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