The crash of the Mi-17


Mi-17 helicopter crashed in South Sudan. Video

The crash this afternoon occurred in South Sudan.

This afternoon, a Mi-17 helicopter owned by the Ethiopian Air Force and carrying out a UN security mission in the region crashed in South Sudan. On board was a 23 man, three of whom died, and another ten were seriously injured and injured.

The video of the crash of the Mi-17 helicopter in South Sudan, made in the first minutes after the tragedy, shows that the aircraft was critically damaged, in particular, the tail boom was broken off, the propeller was broken and the cabin was broken.

As witnesses of the plane crash noted, as a result of the accident, the broken propeller of the aircraft continued to rotate for another 50 minutes.

Among other things, “Telegram” channel “Fighterbomber” published another record on which you can see how another helicopter of the UN mission suffered as a result of the crash, in particular, the tail boom was damaged, obviously the ship, is expressing dissatisfaction.

Under what circumstances occurred the Mi-17 plane crash in South Sudan, so far remains unknown.

This is not a pilot, but an aircraft technician tenderly about his helicopter.