Mi-2 helicopter plowed the earth with a screw during the air show "# Pronnebo"

At the air show near Minsk helicopter Mi-2 "propahal" earth screw.

As part of the Minsk Aviation Festival “Pronebo”, which took place from 29 to 30 in July, the Mi-2 helicopter, which performed freestyle with classical music, touched the ground with the tail, and literally plowed it. At the moment there is information that the helicopter crew did not cope with the control, however, by luck, as a result of the incident, it was possible to do without victims and victims, although the aircraft itself was damaged.

Despite the incident, the festival "# Pronobo" was not ripped off, and thousands of spectators could enjoy the magnificent show.

The causes of the incident with the Mi-2 helicopter are being clarified by specialists.