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A Northern Military District veteran from Vladivostok had his arm broken due to a loud prosthesis

On May 15, a brutal incident occurred in Vladivostok, as a result of which a participant in a special military operation who returned home after being seriously wounded was beaten. This was reported by the publication Vesti: Primorye.

According to the publication, the man, who lost his leg during the fighting and also has a titanium plate in his hand, worked part-time as a plasterer. However, his activities caused dissatisfaction with the neighbor below due to the sounds emanating from the prosthesis.

"When you walk around the apartment, the prosthesis rattles and creates sounds (where it moved to the stairs, where it took a bucket of plaster). The neighbor downstairs did not like all this. There was a knock on the door with something heavy, I went up, opened it and immediately, without a word, got hit with a large block I fell in the head and the neighbor began to beat me all over my body with a stick, I covered my head with my hands and, naturally, I broke my right arm along with the plates.” - said the victim.

The victim was taken to the hospital, where he received the necessary medical care. Doctors recorded numerous bruises and fractures on him. The man's condition remains serious but stable.

The competent authorities have launched an investigation.


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