Vice President of the United States


US Vice President advises China preparing for war

US Vice President Mike Pence suggested that China prepare for war.

Against the background of the obvious cooling of relations between the PRC and the United States, the Vice President of the United States of America, Mike Pence, said that if the Chinese authorities did not change their policies in the economic and military spheres, then the PRC could begin to prepare for the cold war.

According to US Vice President Mike Pence, Washington occupies a dominant position, but if in China they continue on the path of escalation, the United States will be ready to demonstrate its power. It is not only about economic confrontation (mutual input of duties on goods - ed.), But also about the actions of the military from the PRC in their territories, in particular, we are talking about regular interceptions of American military aircraft, preventing the movement of American warships etc.

What exactly Mike Pence means by the term “cold war” is still unknown, but in the Chinese media, experts assure the US of excessive self-confidence, as the PRC economy is developing dynamically today, and new, absolutely unique types of weapons appear in China’s weapons, allowing stand up to any military pressure from Washington.

The powers that be are not threatened!
Here China is not in danger!
And the United States was threatened, sanctioned ...
So this is not the kind of America and strong, if one of its glances is not enough!
If Americans have to kick their feet so that her accomplices do not run away ...
Unfortunately, Russia is not strong either, since you have to tell about a new weapon at every corner ...
Strong silent!
But they are all respected!