Lockheed C-5 Galaxy


Video: emergency landing of one of the world's largest aircraft

An American military transport aircraft made an emergency landing.

The American strategic military transport plane Lockheed C-5 "Galaxy", the maximum takeoff weight of which can reach 380 tons, made an emergency landing due to a malfunction of the front landing gear. The moment of the incident was accidentally shot on the video camera, which allows to assess the professionalism of the pilot, until the last attempted to cause the car a minimum of damage.

On the video cards presented, it is perfectly clear that during the landing the pilot of the giant aircraft tries to balance, not allowing the front part of the plane to lower. In fact, thanks to this, it was possible to minimize damage, which, according to experts, deserves the most real praise.

The US Air Force does not comment on the incident so far, most likely trying to determine the damage to the military transport plane, but it's fair to say that two similar incidents occurred last year, which makes one think that the identified chassis failure was not eliminated .

* Lockheed C-5 Galaxy is an American strategic military transport aircraft with increased cargo capacity. The third after An-225 and An-124 for cargo capacity cargo plane in the world, and the second (after An-124) for cargo capacity a serial cargo plane.

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