Intercept MiG-23


Videofact: MiG-23 fighter intercepted passenger Bombardier CRJ-200

The MiG-23 fighter intercepted a passenger airliner that entered the no-fly zone.

This afternoon, the crew of the MiG-23 fighter intercepted a passenger airliner in Libya's closed airspace. According to available data, the Bombardier CRJ-200 passenger airliner illegally penetrated a closed flightless zone in Libya’s airspace, while, according to initial data, the aircraft’s crew did not respond to the dispatcher’s warning, and the aircraft was forcibly seated.

At the disposal of the resource was a unique video, which captures the process of interception and forced landing of the aircraft. It is reported that after a military aircraft approached a civilian aircraft, the crew was forced to obey the demands of the military and land at the military airfield Tamanhint.

At the moment it is known that on board the civilian aircraft Bombardier CRJ-200 there were teams of doctors aimed at assisting the formations of the “Government of National Unity”.

For what reasons the crew of the aircraft entered the flightless closed area and did not get in touch with the dispatcher, while it remains unknown.

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