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Video: China tests hypersonic warheads

China is actively testing hypersonic weapons.

The web has a unique video recording demonstrating the testing of hypersonic warheads, which points to the fact that China has actively advanced in creating hypersonic weapons, acting as an open competitor to Russia.

On the video footage you can see how a special balloon raises hypersonic combat blocks to a certain height, then launches rockets, as a result, within a short period of time, rockets rush to the surface of the earth, thereby practicing the maneuvers set by the program.

Specialists drew attention to the fact that the two blocks on the video cards presented have the same design, while the third one differs, which can speak of different types of hypersonic missiles.

To date, little is known about the hypersonic weapons developed in China, in particular, it was previously reported that the created missiles can hit aircraft carriers at distances of 1450 kilometers, while the speed of the rockets is about 8-10 thousand km / h .

It should be clarified that officially in the PRC hypersonic missiles are not accepted for armament.

Well kapets, the Chinese have overtaken us ((((
Our missiles are already under testing in full, but here some blocks from the balls are fired. Years 5 even before the rocket "competitors."