Falling aircraft


Videofact: a falling plane almost rammed a car on a highway

Light aircraft, falling on the road, almost rammed the car.

An unusual incident occurred on March 12 in the vicinity of Buttonville Airport Toronto. A small plane Cirrus SR20 flying over a towing car passing along the road, fell. The incident was reported by an eyewitness, who posted a video in Instagram that was probably captured by his DVR.

There were no casualties. In the plane were a male pilot and a female passenger. They were an instructor and a recently licensed pilot. It all happened during the development of landing with an immediate take-off. For whatever reason, the plane flew over the road itself, while touching its wing, it is not known how it is unknown why it appeared above the road.

There is information that before performing the “landing - immediate take-off” exercise, the instructor ran the plane, and during the first part of the exercise, everything was fine.

As for the driver who posted the video on the network, he told about the incident and said that he could consider himself lucky. The plane sped just a few meters from its tow truck. Believing in his "lucky star", after what happened, he bought a lottery ticket, in the hope that luck will not leave him.