Dangerous landing


Video: landing of "Air France" in the epicenter of the hurricane, almost ended in disaster

The pilots of the passenger airliner Air France miraculously managed to avoid a catastrophe.

At the disposal of the Avia.pro portal there were unique frames of how the crew of the passenger airliner of the French carrier Air France is trying to land an aircraft at Birmingham International Airport, where the epicenter of the hurricane "Ali" that struck the UK has been located at that time.

As can be seen on the video cards presented, the crew tries to withstand the powerful wind with all their might, and if the stabilization of the aircraft is achieved with a decrease, then by direct landing, the airplane begins to unfold across the runway, and twice.

In fact, the crew of the aircraft only miraculously managed to avoid a tragic catastrophe.

It is reported that during the landing, none of the people were hurt, but the passengers themselves describe the situation in social networks as critical.

"When we saw that the plane was unfolding, panic began on board - many at that moment already began to say goodbye to their relatives. Only thanks to the pilots, we were left alive ", - the user in the social network "Facebook" reports.

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