Aircraft Airbus A340


Video: the fire destroyed a passenger airliner

At the airport in Frankfurt am Main, a passenger airliner caught fire.

Two fires occurred at once at Frankfurt am Main International Airport this afternoon - when transporting an Airbus A340 passenger airliner owned by Lufthansa carrier to the terminal building, for unknown reasons at the moment, an airfield tractor caught fire, and after a few moments, strong the passenger plane was already enveloped in flames.

It is reported that there was no one aboard the plane, but because of the choking smoke several people who were in the airport building had to ask the medical staff of the air harbor for help.

As can be seen in the submitted personnel, the passenger airliner received serious damage, and it will take quite a long time to repair the aircraft.

What exactly caused the aircraft to catch fire at the airport in Frankfurt am Main, while it remains unknown, but experts have already suggested that it could be fuel ignition, which, however, remains to be clarified by the special commission.

As a result of the incident, the work of the Frankfurt International Airport was partially disrupted.

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