Videofact: Russian fighter Su-57 broke wing

Published footage of the destruction of the wing of the Russian Su-57 fighter.

The Russian Su-57 fighter is today considered the most promising and efficient fighter in service with the Russian VKS. Nevertheless, this afternoon, unique shots appeared on the Web, demonstrating the destruction of the wing of a Russian combat fighter.

We are not talking about the emergence of an emergency situation, but about the continuing trials of a Russian fifth-generation combat aircraft. So, the specialists put a load on the wing of the Su-57 fighter exceeding the maximum permissible by 4%, and only after that it collapsed, which indicates not only high strength, but also the fact that the fighter is ready for the hottest air battles, where overloads sometimes become a real test, not only for the pilot, but also for the equipment.

Experts have already called the results optimal, which is caused not only by the fact that the wing fully withstood the established load, but also had a small margin of safety in addition.

It should be clarified that the wings of the Russian Su-57 fighter are made of a special composite material, which is much more durable than the classic material, lightweight and less noticeable for radar detection means.