A lit plane


Video: Saudi Arabia's airplane caught fire in the sky over Rostov

The passenger airliner Airbus A319 caught fire when flying to Rostov-on-Don.

The Saudi Arabian national football team caught fire when flying. As can be seen in the presented frames, the flame of the Airbus A319 jet airliner bursts out, which created a threat to all the people on board, although according to the Saudi Arabian Football Federation, it was more about "... a minor technical malfunction ...".

It is known that the national team of Saudi Arabia was heading to Rostov-on-Don for the next world championship match, while none of the people aboard the plane was injured, although the incident that occurred the night before was clearly a great danger.

It is noteworthy that the photographs show that it is a passenger airplane Airbus A319, owned by the air carrier "Russia", as evidenced by the livery, specially presented for the World Cup in Russia, but no comments from the domestic airline on this for the time being, it has not been reported.

Whether the incident happened to violate the work of the Rostov-on-Don International Airport is not yet known.