The Su-25


Videofact: Ukrainian Su-25 flew at ultra-low altitude

Ukrainian military pilots demonstrated the highest skill in the management of attack aircraft.

A video of the flight of the Ukrainian Su-25М1 attack aircraft appeared at the Ultra-low altitude. According to experts, the skill of the Ukrainian pilots deserves praise, but given the latest plane crash involving the Su-27 fighter, military pilots seriously risked themselves and the condition of the Ukrainian Air Force.

As seen on the video frames presented, during the flight over a military airfield, one of the pilots lowered the altitude and literally flew over the heads of his colleagues - according to experts, the height of the flight did not exceed 3-3,5 meters. According to some information, the video was filmed at the airfield in Melitopol (Zaporizhia region), but when it was filmed, it remains unknown.

Earlier, the pilots of the Ukrainian Su-25 had already demonstrated their skills by flying at a low altitude over the Azov coast, which caused a lot of complaints from ordinary citizens who had a rest at the time on the beach.

“The highest professionalism of the Ukrainian pilots, of course, deserves praise, but the distinction between professionalism and stupidity should be distinguished. Make the Ukrainian pilot a mistake, and the tragedy would not be avoided, not to mention the fact that the Ukrainian Air Force is far from in the best condition ”, - the expert marks.

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