Bombardment of Syria


Video frames of provocations with chemical weapons in Idlib seeped into the network

The video recording of provocations in Syria using chemical weapons leaked to the Web.

The Syrian news agency SANA has published a video recording of provocations using chemical weapons, which are filmed by the armed opposition, militants, the British secret services and the White Helmets organization. The presented staff shows how the same people play different roles in this production, which directly points to the fact that a real provocation is being conducted against the Syrian military.

Initially, an entry published by the Syrian news agency SANA was posted on the Youtube service, but the service’s management almost immediately deleted it due to "... inconsistencies with the rules of the service" Youtube "...".

Analysts say that if it really is about the footage, a provocation against Syria can be held at the earliest opportunity, which in turn will allow the Western coalition and the United States to deal a massive blow to the positions of the Syrian military, especially since the US Air Force strategic aviation and ships with cruise missiles are located in close proximity to the Syrian borders.