Russian aerospace forces began to avenge downed Syrian helicopters

Russian bombers inflicted violent attacks on terrorists in Syrian Idlib.

Against the background of the destruction of two Syrian Air Force helicopters at once, Russian combat aircraft took on the task of destroying the militants in the frontline areas. Dozens of violent attacks by the Russian air forces caused large-scale losses among terrorists, in connection with which the latter were forced to flee, in fact, surrendering previously controlled territories with virtually no resistance.

“The Russian air force appears to be leading an air attack in northwestern Syria after the crash of two Syrian military helicopters in the provinces of Aleppo and Idlib last week. According to reports from northwestern Syria, the Russian air force inflicted dozens of air strikes on the provinces of Aleppo and Idlib, and attacks on several areas along the Aleppo-Latakia (M4) highway. In particular, the Russian Air Force concentrated most of its strikes in the area of ​​Jisr al-Shugur, which is an important area near the Turkish border. "- сообщает Al Masdar News.

It is noteworthy that during the assault on the Syrian city of Aleppo, the main task of smoking terrorists from their shelters fell precisely on the Russian airborne forces, and days before, additional Russian front-line bombers were deployed on the territory of Syria, which, obviously, indicates the upcoming large-scale air force Russian Aerospace Forces operation against terrorists.

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Our helicopters bought by Syria for YOUR Army. And since Russia, at the official request of Syria to help with the militants, of course should not turn a blind eye to such events. Otherwise, the INTENTIONAL belittling of Russian military equipment will go, blaming the bankruptcy in the battle.

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Putin spoke of the destruction of the main forces of terrorists. And Trump declared victory over the terrorists. Read and listen carefully.

He spoke correctly. All terrorists supported by the United States in Syria were destroyed, except for those whom our and the Syrian military brought to Idlib. Idlib declared a truce. But over time, the US terrorists in Idlib were given command, weapons, and money to start hostilities again. Now they are being destroyed like cockroaches. They would sit quietly in Idlib and be alive. But greedy for green candy wrappers pecked. And in the next world, these candy wrappers are not needed.

Well, where did Syria get helicopters from ?? ?? ... More often, in battle formations ...

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This is a clear hint to Erdogan that it is better not to start a large-scale military invasion of Syria in Turkey.

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I remember 1,5 years ago Putin said that the terrorists in Syria were over and our military were solemnly withdrawn from Syria. Even a parade in Khmeimim on the occasion of the victory was shown. Or did I get a "virus" on my TV and lied to me?

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Our mission to free Syria from militants is somehow sluggish. Until two helicopters were shot down, active destruction was not carried out. Or we beat them, or what the hell are we there? For all the years that we have been there, instead of effective extensive actions, there is some kind of low-power partisanism. We are raising politics - either with the Turks, then with the Americans, then with Israel ... With such a policy, it seems like we are there for a long time and without much sense ...

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Erdoan plays out with fire

The etiquette of air strikes against terrorists is very low when they are in trenches and on the offensive. For the same attacks need small bombs of 50-100 kg. which on board the bomber are 4-6 times more cham bombing terrorists today. Hence the effect of the bombing. It is practically zero, except for the repeated bombardment of the underground centers of terrorists.

so maybe it's our helicopters with Russian crews. The authorities simply do not want to disturb public opinion, as was the case with the plane

it already looks like a full-scale war. This cannot be allowed.


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