VKS Russia "tightly" closed the airspace of Syria

The airspace of Syria is still closed to US military aircraft and allies.

The Russian military security services continue to patrol the airspace of the Syrian Arab Republic without leaving any possibility for the penetration of military aircraft from the United States, Britain, France and Israel. In addition to Russian combat aviation, the sky over Syria is also reliably protected by Syrian and Russian air defense systems, which proved themselves well during a massive rocket attack on the night of 14 April, destroying around 2 / 3 all the cruise missiles fired.

Today in the day there was information that the Israeli Air Force conducted a special operation, carrying out a missile strike on the Syrian military base in the province of Aleppo, resulting in the death of at least 20 military personnel, previously of Iranian origin. There is no evidence confirming this information yet, however, experts believe that if an air strike was struck, in any case, some cadres that appeared on social networks testify to this (their origin has not been established - ed.), Then the launch the missiles were certainly produced without the entry of aircraft into the airspace of Syria.

"Despite the fact that the Pentagon praises its" ... perfect "5 generation fighters, these planes do not send to Syria, most likely, fearing" ... weak "Russian fighters, which causes doubts about the US military power, which does not cease repeal Donald Trump ", - comments specialist

A missile flew and flew from the territory of other countries ...

The word closed implies protection from everything that flies through the air. If only from the aircraft that went into the control zone, and how are the missiles going? If we protect on70% then it is not tight. Yes, and the territory for which the VX is responsible. God grant is 60-70% of the entire territory of Syria.

How much can the Syrians dodge and defend themselves, if these devils constantly fire their missiles from afar. Let them themselves Syrian - they have the same carriers. M.B will think "public" - that the missile you at the airport is not at all ice.

Just wanted to write .. the Jews do not fly .. they are being beaten from afar .. it is patrolling nothing but patrolling the fuel only, all exactly Avram and Mynei will hit from the territory of Libya ..
If our air defense, all so cover .. why can not bring down ?????? Jewish rockets .. ??????

Closed - that's right! But we need to move from defense to active action: it is high time to start imposing sanctions against this criminal trinity ... The response sanctions are one thing, and sanctions for their criminal actions are completely different ... The senile decrepitude of our Foreign Ministry ...

Yeah, shut down.Thanks? Yes, and shutting down, if you are not firing at the Syrian territory

dear Oleg in order to appreciate freedom, you need to be able to give up tasty and fatty food. Unfortunately, there are few such as you, but enough to resist.

So do not be poor and reflex
Patriot of Russia.
There were many patriots of Russia who in life no one and by profession in any way

And what is it that we are so concerned about the amers' face? It's time to keep thinking about it.
But the money of our Chinush of the Americans here and save them their face. A disgrace.

Well, it's already funny to read chesslovo. I remember we have already closed everything. And even an "umbrella" anti-missile system over Syria was installed and "no missile" would fall on both missiles and carriers ... and what? Both missiles are in place and carriers. How that is disgusting.

I read komenty and am amazed with the dibelizmu komentatorov.Rossiya came to Syria pomoch in the fight against IGIL, and not to defend Assad from NATO.So that we did everything correctly.Putin warned and the missiles went to the side, away from our bases. So glohnite # $ # $ #.

Besides Igil, there are many other groups there, they are not so large, but they also need to be cleaned up, plus huge commercial interest, plus geopolitics, Syria is an important region in the Middle East. It's strange that some do not understand this.

I do not understand those who write about IGIL? Have you forgotten that Putin said: "A devastating blow has been struck, a victory has been won." And three times (for reliability), the military withdrew. Forgot? # $ # $ # $. But from this logical question: if the military were introduced to fight terrorists and the task is carried out, then who is fighting now there? The United States initially did not hide that both Assad and Igil came down. Conclusion: we defend the Assad regime, but ... and # $ # $ # do we need it? We spend enormous resources, and the image of the country! Something our media is rubbing our game!

And if we do not protect ourselves, then why and for whom we will develop health care, science and other nishtyaki? For nagglossax?

Great and Terrible: 100 percentage success-all rockets took off and exploded and all hit the target) -in Syria)
Bashar Assad no longer has a single chemical
element! America, Britain and France ... Wed ... Fr ...) blows his nose) won the race!
I made America great again !!!!

Bravo! 100% hit the truth!
It is a pity that not all our "experts" reason so sensibly and can not objectively give an analysis of what is happening

Calculate the best in money in how much will cost your sitting in the basement. And I think you will not need health care, along with income from minerals. Although, as an option, you will put on a denim robe and you will be laboring for the owners, praising them, and remembering how you were deceived before))). Step into the last, admire the beauties of the country, maybe because of you we will soon lose them.

Ten years will pass before the Central Asian underbelly of Russia flares up, and then it will be very difficult to keep the border from China to the Caspian Sea, it is only by land, And there are also the Black Sea borders. And if now experts say that only 10-15 percent of drug traffic is intercepted, then what will happen? And how on the border to distinguish the militant from the migrant? And how many trails now, from the same Afghan to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan? And what now there is practically no border with Kazakhstan? And how many Wahhabi cells are opened in Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Dagestan, Ingushetia and other republics? The economic component is also important. In fact, there is a war for control over all transport corridors. Including the Suez Canal. And in the end "The Russians do not abandon their own?", Do they? And Syria is a long-time and permanent ally.

In 1995, a wandering herd of terror from Al-Qaeda was already in Chechnya, and in 99, it invaded Dagestan. Now this herd is called IGIL. So where is it better to destroy it, thousands of kilometers from Russia or all the same on the territory of our country?

And why enter into the airspace to strike, if the range of the missile allows you not to do so (in fact, for this they are invented) You do not confuse heroism with idiocy.

How quickly some forget the most verified story of the truth that if you do not feed your army, you will feed someone else's! Approximately once in 100 years there are similar world conflicts. Now this period. But we were on time (just barely had time) prepared for it thanks to one reasonable leader - Putin. If we stand in the present conflict, then for a long time we will forget about the external threat. For today, we are in the balance of a direct collision, on which the Anglo-Saxons are stubbornly raging. Let's give the slack - there will be no more freedom to talk about freedom. We will give a worthy rebuff - we can quickly deal with internal problems. And solve them! But when a sharp, terrible ax is brought over your head, it's not appropriate to talk about appetite, gentlemen. All the classics of world literature were considered and considered the main value of humanity. Do you really think that everything that is happening today in the world will not concern you? Naive ...

And if the border does not dunk, you are ready to explode in your apartment with a bag of hexogen as in 1999 ?? Or an option under the wheels of a truck in the square, as now in Europe? Maybe it's better that while the tinder only ears .... and not the neck with a knife with a display in the internet ..

All right, our done! They showed that not Asada is being saved but fighting terror, the Syrians have shown that despite the 7 years of war, despite the disintegrated economy. They can stand up for themselves!

igil must be wetted so that he does not go further and what money is spent is not important

Success fully support aquarium fish have become strategies now! And every cook now knows how to run the state!

We need to go to the coasts of Cuba and Venezuela on ships with the transfer of aviation and timed to 9May. Here, the US then will worry about their country, immediately leave Syria!

Fighting against IGIL at distant approaches? How much does it cost to destroy one such igilovtsa for us with you? Maybe this money needs health care and education to raise, even to the level of the USSR, pensioners to pay a decent pension for a Person and these "Igilovites" to choke when trying to cross the Russian border? Can the fight be so cheaper and more effective ?. We rub our ears with these "igilovtsi" ama like fuckers swallow it, even though these "igilovs" in this situation are the tenth water on the jelly, and the main reason is not to dislodge Assad because otherwise the power in Syria will pass into the hands of pro-American figures, and then through the territory of Syria, oil pipelines will be built from all sorts of emirates and furs. "South Stream" will forever be covered with a copper basin and our (and ours?) moneybags and all who have this will lose many billions of money, that's for this reason and there is a fight for life.

Stop muttering that something is closed somewhere. You can attach this closure to one place. It still does not hurt.
Rockets are also flying objects. So, there is nothing to boast about. Sit and sniff. It is desirable to be quiet so as not to irritate others.

If we sit idly by, then our children and landfill Americans drip very deeply.

All right. If Gerasimov has the honor, then he must resign. And Shamanov, too. A shame to wash off anything it is impossible. If you say so, do it. If you show the whole world high-class weapons, so apply it.
One act (albeit without sacrifices, even "in the shed") showed the whole world "who is the master of the house" and lowered Russia "below the baseboard", confirming the early statements about the "gas station with ambitions for greatness."

The universal brain, enlighten us of the miserable, what exactly has our OUR MILITARY AND OUR GOVERNMENT done to disgrace the whole world after loud statements ?! Maybe we do not represent anything about politics and military operations, but we clearly understand what is HONOR and DIGNITY.
If "correct" solutions were planned, then there was no need to "shout" at the whole world - we would shoot both missiles and carriers. And how it got to the point - in the bushes, "right" to do ...
I am a true patriot of Russia, but in connection with recent events, America is more respected: they said it was done than our "right" talkers. And this is bitter and insulting ...

How do you get tired of whiners, sofa strategists and allies. The juvenile morons wanted to play in the war, go to the army, it's good to sit out under the mother's skirt. And still unfinished officers who are ashamed, if you are ashamed to welcome to the "Wagner".

Eh, men, men, even women understand that Russia did the right thing!

And where are our rocket jammers, airplanes and ships, like last time on MIG, cut down all electronics as a ship? Or was it another duck ?!

And that some ellipses. It's only the beginning. Do you have football on your mind? Do you even know the flight profile of a cruise missile? And the relief of the terrain along the flight route of cruise missiles looked. And do you know the characteristics of air defense systems of the ATS 40-year-old? Syrian air defense does not have 100 guidance channels. Israel regularly by one link F-16 extinguishes their radar. Continuous propaganda.

I completely agree that it is shameful when the Syrians were fired
Our people stood and did nothing to make us ashamed and where our conscience

In front of the World Cup in football ... May holidays ... Inauguration of the president ... and yet ... Honor Countries must be inserted first ... When it was that Russia could be so humiliated ... When it was that Russia did not respond stiffly ... And now ...

"I, the officer, are ashamed of our military commanders and leaders"

Another "Crimean daughter of an officer"

We are fighting terrorism! It was a contractual blow so that the Amers retained their face! No harm done! Nothing is destroyed! Goals are not amazed! The consumption of 103 shells! Report finished!

Yes, all the explorers have already got it! The whimsy is endless! Let's sit down, apologize, crawl on your belly maybe forgive! And then we will live!

So we defend ourselves there! Where is your invincible igil? Where are your invincible Americos who are killing the weak are getting to us! And all the problems that are not inside America are created by imposing on us a corruption-market-dollar model of the economy! Do you think to hide under the bed and they will not find you? And all problems are resolved at once. All 90 did it. They hid from problems like an ostrich in the sand and problems strangely enough only added!

You can regret the dead, but our power-rich prihvatizatorov will never protect anyone, your pocket is closer, and money is in Western banks ... Hundreds of thousands of Russians were betrayed in Ukraine, their people were brought to poverty, they praise themselves and furiously steal everything , everything, everything.

If we are officially, legally, at the invitation of the Syrian government, we are on the territory of this country and committed to defend it. That we must do it. Americans, or as they are called "pindos" understand only a zubodrobitelny response. I, the officer, are ashamed of our military commanders and leaders. Okay, do not destroy the carriers, as promised by General Gerasimov. It was necessary to help the Syrians and destroy all the missiles. As indicated in the means of our information, the Americans did not warn about the attack. Therefore, the missiles could be directed to our positions. Very ashamed, it hurts. The whole world saw how we did not fulfill our promises to protect the Syrians. After you can say anything. But the whole world already knows.

All the money on accounts in Europe and America, real estate and children of our cousins ​​is there. Do they want to lose all this? Yes, shit them for their words, your shirt is closer to the body. Kick all of us who are not too lazy, to look at the speeches of representatives of the representatives is disgusting. For the Power it is insulting, all honor prosrali

And maybe ours did not want to light the fire points of the pvo? Saved for a more serious mess.
And we need to take into account the economic impact of military operations on the course of our actions. This would lead to a drop in the rate of our companies.

Syria will be saved by joining the Russian Federation as an autonomy. And the creation of the Mediterranean Federal District is not far off ..

Honored your comments my friends. At first, too, to put it mildly outraged our behavior. After loud and terrible words about the immediate response to any missile strike and silence ... Neither I do not have all the information why it was as it was. Assad, too a dark horse and despite the difficulties of the situation loves kokochevryazhitsya.Ego persuaded to give autonomy to the Kurdistan. Kurds fought not for fear and helped us and the asad well. I and you can not know the reasons why our soldiers withdrew to the side but I suppose the reason is. Tell it Sem-poo his karman.Vse falls into mesta.Gromko and menacing screaming muzhski.Luchshe not once let on mozgam.Ya think so.

Dear friends! Look at yourself. What have you forgotten in Syria?
Is everything good in your home? With dumps, with fires, with orphanages?! People protesting against a dump in Volokolamsk are arrested! And this is the same chemical. attack. Your children faint, lose consciousness, but you persistently defend Syria!
Maybe it's time to think about yourself ?!

I read your comments and marvel. Do you even have any idea about politics and military operations @ # @ # @ # @ .. ???? If you sit on the divina, then sit there and # $ # $ # yap. ALL RIGHTLY DO AND OUR MILITARY AND OUR GOVERNMENT .. !!! To think it is necessary more widely @ # @ # @ # #, and not with the terror of avaricious fish

from where so many whiners came in? whoever blew a nose at someone? released more than 100 rockets, and the result? destroyed two barns (((even last year the effect was more. why are you crying?

Until the World Cup is over, we can not respond with force. This is what these aggressors are trying to achieve. Then everything will die down

The theory of global impact, last year 54 missiles, right now 103. They train We Next! All these UN - and other shalupen are all under the hood of the United States. Why did not they protect Syria? They are our partners, it's fashionable right now to throw friends? But what about the statement of the gene staff? The carriers of missile weapons? What are we doing in Syria?

All the time to sit on the defensive course is not right. What prevents to help the representatives of the SAR "collapse" a couple of attacking their aircraft. And no matter where they launched the missiles, the main thing about the ATS, but they are protected ...

Always supported the actions of the Russian Federation in Syria! But so disgraceful of the whole world, hide from these rockets and then draw, saying that we have closed something there, it's a shame, we need to give a semantic answer!

Take care of your hand, Senya))

And who said that they closed it? Where is the official statement?

Even the macron is the nose of Russia. What is there to say about the United States. Khvastunov all will be beaten and even the Osman Pasha knocked down a Russian plane became Putin's best friend

The United States and its allies, if desired, bombed Syria and will be bombed, Russian VCS and air defense as inactive and will remain idle. The Russian government can not oppose anything except loud empty talk to the US.

Where were these capercaillie when the tomahawks flew? Do not make me laugh!

If you blindfold the eyes of Trump, then he will make night bombardments, even DAYS !!! True?

Why did everyone see this trepidation as they defend and the West can not get enough of it? It will not be long to wait for the impudent man, since he is only brazen until he gets the muzzle - so that they will soon be bombed

Iran's supply of 300 is fraught, the military does not want to fight .. that's right, but the answer in the prvtke it will be correct and it is advisable to put everything in the course of the week, and use under the guidance of our specialists ... when it hurts and a bit hard to think ..

Shut up ears is not tightly close the sky .... even if you blindfold the night bombing ...

Yes, it was not until the next missile strike that they were closed again. When the missiles struck again, they only hid us from the stranger and, after the end, they got out, the people trusted them, and they fled after fist fists, they themselves are not ashamed to talk about anything so disgraced before the whole world. they now strike it the second time we've already heard if it's just that we are and that you are following Russia after the Syria on the turn russia through ukraine and Georgia it's clear to the fool.

all this is a whisper as they bombed and fired Syria and Israel and England and France and the United States will fuck and Russia chews snot every time getting on the snot and do not have to lie but tell the truth as it is

Well, let's not even flew in. But the missiles flew by the destination. Question. The guys, what did you patrol?

Duck to shoot missiles and do not have to enter the airspace ... Awesome achievement ... Anyone who defends all the time loses any war.

Hvat pi **** to put, - zaploshvalchiki ... optyt.

"I doubt, however, that it will fly!"

And who said that they did not fly into the airspace? Can Russia or Syria admit? Not?

Just do not need anyone Syria - Trapped lupanul and forgot, from whom here to close something))