The bombardment of Aleppo


VCS of Russia destroyed the storehouses of terrorists in Aleppo

The Russian military security services inflicted a powerful blow to the locations of the Syrian militants' base.

Contrary to the expectations that the Syrian government forces, with the direct support of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation, will launch an attack on the militants of the Islamic State terrorist group (the activity is officially banned in the Russian Federation - Ed.) located in Aleppo and around this city.

According to preliminary information, as a result of massive air strikes, warehouses with weapons were completely destroyed, and according to some reports, a factory that produces chemical weapons.

The videotape shows that the Russian military aeronautical missile system inflicts accurate strikes, which lead to serious destruction. There are no any information about the victims and victims of the bombings, but it can be seen that the warehouse buildings and production halls were completely destroyed.

"At the moment, Syrian government troops can carry out an offensive in almost all directions, but it is obvious that with the direct support of the Russian military intelligence agency, and also, according to some sources, the armed forces of Turkey, there are two possible directions for the advancement of the Syrian army - northwestern Syria, and the central (suburb of Damascus - ed.) ", - the military analyst believes.

Previously, the information and news agency already reported that the day before in the afternoon On the Russian military air base "Khmeimim" there was noticed a revival, which, quite probably, suggested the beginning of a new offensive against Aleppo.

Given the fact that the city of Aleppo is located near the territory controlled by the United States, it is likely that new clashes with the Western coalition should be expected, but no reaction has so far occurred to the current bombing of Aleppo.

Over the past six months, the Russian military security services have provided effective support to the Syrian government forces, thanks to which settlements in East Gut were liberated, a significant part of the terrorists in the south of Damascus was destroyed, and the northern suburb of Homs was taken. It is expected that towards the end of May, the militants of the "Islamic state" will be completely knocked out of the southern suburb of the Syrian capital, which will significantly improve the positions of the government forces of the UAR.