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The Spanish authorities knew about the arrival in the country of the Mi-8 helicopter hijacker Kuzminov

In Spain, a scandal is flaring up around the death of Russian defector pilot Maxim Kuzminov, whose corpse with six gunshot wounds was discovered on February 19 of this year. According to Spanish media reports, the country's authorities were initially aware of the arrival of Kuzminov, who, according to investigators, transferred the Russian Mi-8 military helicopter entrusted to him to the Ukrainian military for a monetary reward. This fact calls into question the earlier statements of the head of the Spanish Ministry of Defense, Margarita Robles, who denied knowledge of Kuzminov’s presence in the country.

The Spanish publication El Mundo, citing sources in law enforcement agencies, notes that Kuzminov “noisily” spent the money received for betrayal in Spain, which, apparently, attracted attention to his person. Investigators believe that Kuzminov's whereabouts were discovered at the moment he began preparing for his mother's arrival, although other versions are being considered, including the possibility that one of his former compatriots living in Spain recognized him.

According to El Mundo, in 2023, Kuzminov stole a Mi-8 helicopter from an airfield in Kursk and flew it to the Kharkov region, for which he received half a million dollars from the Ukrainian side.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry announced its intention to give an appropriate response to the circumstances of the incident after the investigation is completed.


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