Air crash


During the exercise "Clear Sky - 2018" killed an American pilot

The command of the US Air Force confirmed the death of an American pilot in Ukraine.

Yesterday night it became known that during the exercise "Pure Sky - 2018" in Ukraine, the Soviet fighter Su-27 crashed, resulting in the death of two pilots aboard the aircraft. This afternoon it became known that as a result of the fall of a military aircraft, an American pilot was killed, who was aboard a fighter along with a Ukrainian pilot.

The command of the US Air Force confirmed the death of the American pilot, and began an investigation into the incident, the details of which remain unknown.

It should be clarified that, according to witnesses of a plane crash involving the Ukrainian Su-27, the combat aircraft flew at a low altitude, and before falling it rotated around a vertical axis, which suggests either a piloting error or a technical malfunction, the nature of which not yet voiced.

Experts drew attention to the fact that the crew of the combat aircraft did not even take measures to eject, which may mean that the problem manifested itself instantly, which in turn confirms the version of the piloting error.

According to the latest data, Ukraine has temporarily suspended flights of Su-27 fighters.