Military alliance of Russia and China will be a threat to the US

The US and NATO may have a new strong opponent.

Despite the fact that the North Atlantic alliance (NATO) is considered one of the strongest military alliances on the planet, NATO and the US may have a new serious opponent, many times superior in strength and capabilities. According to British experts, if Russia and China create a military alliance, then the continued existence of NATO will be under great threat.

According to the British edition of Express, against the backdrop of how Washington decided to pursue its sanctions policy against two of the world's largest countries on the planet, Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jin-Ping may well create a military alliance that allows them to confront the US and its allies. It's not just about the economic measures that are supposed to affect the US, but also about the creation of a powerful group of the Air Force, the fleet and a comprehensive air defense / missile defense system.

"To date, only one Russia can easily destroy half of the planet, and by joining forces with China, this military alliance will become a real threat", - emphasize the specialists.

It should be clarified that the issue of establishing a military alliance between Russia and the PRC is not officially discussed, but taking into account the policies of the US and several European countries, this can be fully realized.

Yes, an alliance of Russia and the People's Republic of China can tolerate the entire planet. And NATO from 12 countries will not be able to stop them. 2 vs 12. What kind of nonsense?