Downed aircraft


Military aircraft crashed in Saudi Arabia

The aircraft of the Air Force of Saudi Arabia crashed in the north-east of the country.

The Arab News news agency reports that last Monday the Royal Air Force of Saudi Arabia lost their military aircraft. According to the Ministry of Defense of this country, all who were on board the aircraft were killed, while their number is not specified.

“This afternoon the plane crashed the Air Force of Saudi Arabia. The incident occurred during a training flight. Who were aboard the aircraft were killed ", the Arab News portal reports.

What exactly could have happened to a military aircraft, so far remains unknown, while experts mainly consider three versions of the tragedy that occurred - a technical malfunction, a piloting error and a bird getting into the engine.

It is known that the crashed military aircraft was produced in the UK, but the model of the aircraft is not specified.

It should be clarified that initially there was information that a military plane belonging to the Royal Air Force of Great Britain could have been shot down by Yemeni rebels, but this version was completely refuted by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defense, adding that the military aircraft was outside the weapons of the armed .

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