Military Ukrainian helicopter competed in speed with cars

The pilots of the APU competed in speed with the cars on the track.

As can be seen from the video, the Mi-8 helicopter, belonging to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is only a few meters above the ground trying to compete in speed with the cars passing along the Dnepropetrovsk-Kharkov highway. According to information received by, one of the cars also decided to accept the call of pilots and compete in speed with the helicopter, but when the speed reached 200 km / h, the driver nevertheless realized that he could not cope with Mi-8, in view of which subsequently dropped the speed to the normal value.

The video caused a lot of indignation among the citizens of Ukraine, who noted that during the conduct of hostilities and in conditions of limited use of air equipment, the armed forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces "do not understand what."

The leadership of the APU at the moment, this video did not comment, although initially there were reports that the helicopter pilot was practicing flights at extremely low altitude.

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