Istanbul disaster


Military helicopter crashed in Istanbul, there are dead

In Turkey, a military helicopter crashed, four people died.

Last Monday, a military helicopter crashed on the territory of Istanbul. As a result of the collapse of the military machine killed four Turkish soldiers, while the aircraft itself fell on the territory of one of the industrial zones.

It is reported that during the flight the pilot of the aircraft collided with technical malfunctions, and tried to land the helicopter on the ground, but as the military machine went down, it began to roll on its side, as a result of which it hit the ground.

The resource has several photos in which you can see that the rotorcraft was almost completely destroyed - according to experts, there were practically no chances for surviving from the soldiers on board.

At the moment, an investigation is underway at the crash site, but the Turkish side, in the interests of the investigation, does not provide any details, although an unnamed source on social networks claims that the problem with the power plant could be to blame.