US troops


Armed American mercenaries again stopped a Russian military convoy in Syria

The US military deployed armored vehicles right in front of the Russian military convoy.

American troops illegally stationed in Syria have once again tried to use force and weapons against the Russian military. After the incident in the area of ​​the settlement of Gir Kekhfik, when the US military stopped the Russian military patrol in the area of ​​the settlement of Mustafai, and also established a militarized checkpoint near the village of Sikhur, located only 35 kilometers from the Russian military air base in the city of Kamyshli, thereby trying not to let the Russian military at the airport.

According to sources, the reason for blocking access to the Syrian-Iraqi border was the US attempt to prevent the closure of the illegal crossing near the village of Semalka, however, blocking the M-4 highway is a very serious incident, since in this case, the transportation of the Russian military air base is actually It will be closed.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the ongoing clashes and actions of the United States, however, experts believe that in the near future, Russian military patrols will begin to be accompanied by military aviation means, since in the case of the appearance of Russian attack helicopters, the US military does not risk preventing the movement of a military patrol.


I read the comments. And somehow not funny.
When people who have neither education nor experience in military sciences and politics express their authoritative opinions ... I would like to ask them:
"Do not open your mouth, please. This topic does not concern you at all. Thank you."

It was necessary to recruit bearded men, healthy men from the Kuban there, like a woman and to Syria, to Amer. They would only see them put on their pants and scatter across the desert. And the Russians could drive anywhere, in their cars ...

When did the Russians start first? they will wait a bit, they will look when the impudence begins to go through the roof and in full by the horns! What do you say this was not? Let us recall the story of Kozhedub who brought down amers-allies at 45 for the fact that our planes were shot down.

As always with Putin: Swing on a ruble, hit a penny.

Yes, Russia will not pull against the United States ... Well, keep quiet ... Why was there such a shout in the media: "... the Americans are dumping everything from military bases in Syiria ..!" etc. They would be silent, in a rag ... "if only there was no war ..." (c)

Now they are blocking our bases throughout Syria and our military patrols are getting roundabout to their bases. That's the "closed sky" and the S-400. And the Americans are all fucked up. They need oil and all. So that they "bold" still win back for Iran. I am not for the war, but there is a saying - "he who fears war will receive both war and shame." It was necessary to leave from there a year ago. Now we are rebuilding Syria at our own expense, and the Americans bombed the whole east, they will pay off all their costs with oil and will present the bill to everyone for "democracy" ...

Americans do not have the right to be there. They must be arrested and given to the national security of Syria. If they resist to destroy, and talk about it in all the media.

Are we .... worse than the Iranians ..? Shmalnut once and deal with the end.

A missile block post and all business then.

We need to teach a lesson. Pindos - cowards. Once to break - and that's enough ...

Let's hope we have to drive pendos, because our base cannot do without supplies for more than a few days. It’s just that our people, apparently, don’t want extra blood, which is what they are clearly provoking. it’s not about cowardice. Whoever shoots first will be blamed for aggression. Pendoses are counting on this, - do not go to a fortuneteller, that's all
and there is.

Even if the Pindos promised to close the Northern Sea Route of Russia, then this is not even a question. They have the right to EVERYTHING, they have no restrictions, they consider themselves exceptional. So there is nothing to be surprised.

Conjugation to good will not lead

This is Russia's weakness and US advantage. The advantage in intelligence. They control our movements and know in advance when and what forces are moving. If our intelligence is able to control these criminals, then we must trap them with numerical superiority and arrest them. There will be someone to exchange for Victor Bout !!!

So this is Putin’s PARTNERS! therefore, they are impudently impudent

And what else can he do with his lip shake, the place is open, now if there were toilets - he would have wetted them there ...

it's a shame! how we obssera before the world! here our generals will oversleep the war! or is all our leadership waiting for the Russian soldier to resolve this problem of his own free will?

cowardly. Chechen convoy

that's for sure. shaky lip. one answer as always, we didn’t want a conflict. and 2-3 200x to Russia it’s the norm. the pilot who was shot down and shot is also the norm. he’s barking at his masters.

Yes, it’s just that Vovka pisses as always ... Even Iran had the strength to pour it on empty bases though .. and this will shake his lip ... Pour It’s necessary once ... and they’ll run away ..

Americans, besides mercenaries, feel like masters there. This is probably why the Russians are marking time and are afraid to show their teeth.

But what pair of tanks is weak to escort the convoy or to the extreme, that it’s hard to call helicopters in case of problems ?! What is the problem?! What trampling and humiliating grimaces before those who should not be there ?!


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