Aircraft MiG-23


The war in Libya: Haftar began to use his trump card Su-22 and MiG-23

Air War: Su-22М3 and MiG-23 thrown into battle in Libya

In Libya, fighting continues. Field Marshal Haftar’s aviation units use military aviation. Su-22М3 are used for raids on positions of government troops of national unity (PNU).

The network has a video of the take-off of this fighter-bomber. Haftar's military have at least two such machines. These aircraft - the basic version of the Soviet Su-17М3. They are able to use various bombs and missiles, including guided ones. True, there is a possibility that at present the Libyans have only unguided rockets left.

The combat training MiG-23 got into the lenses of the video cameras. This fighter can hit targets in the air and on the ground. Probably, such aircraft in the near future will also be used in hostilities.

In free access, materials have also appeared that demonstrate the attack of Haftar’s aviation. For example, one of the bombs exploded with the place where the various techniques of the NWF forces were concentrated. In the explosion, a pickup truck was destroyed, with the 14,5 twin-millimeter installation ZPU-2 installed on it.

Opponent Huftar uses only light attack aircraft Czechoslovak manufacturing L-39ZO. It was reported that one of these aircraft 10 April was lost, however, information convincingly confirming this fact, yet.

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