Military post


US troops closed the entrances to the Russian military air base in Syria

They decided to besiege the Russian air base in Syria.

The U.S. military posted a checkpoint on the M-4 Syrian highway, which effectively blocked the ability of the Russian military to move towards a military air base in the area of ​​the city of El-Kamyshli. The checkpoint is located in the area of ​​the Syrian settlement of Sikhur, and actually cuts off any movement to the Russian military airfield from the western part of Syria.

“US forces continue to block the section from Tell Tamra to the city of Kamyshli on the M4 international road. US forces force Russian troops and the Syrian army to circle and follow the road from Dirbesia ", - reports the news network "Rojava Network".

Considering the data presented, a military checkpoint appeared in this area less than a day ago, and, obviously, in this way, Washington intends to interfere with the supply of the Russian military air base and military patrols in the north-east of the Arab Republic.

Specialists, in turn, draw attention to the fact that the destabilizing actions of the American military can force Russia to initially make claims to the United States, and if they are not taken seriously, Russia can easily strengthen military patrols with armored weapons, military aircraft, etc.

“We are talking about the military police, which in fact should control the situation in this region. Obviously, Washington decided that they could calmly oppose Russia, however, after several polite warnings, any demands will simply be ignored, and if necessary, the Russian military can easily use weapons to counter existing threats. ”, - the expert marks.

so what's the matter of over-consuming and onward. and then for the buttons, every one. nothing compressed

What's the problem ? Block post say? say they closed the road to our base? So this has already happened, remember the story, and there is a solution, nauseously simple. Change the corridor for the passage of fighters, lay it directly above this block post. Syrian and Russian forces temporarily go around this area.
And the pilots should be instructed to overcome the hypersonic barrier at each flight over the block post. A few spans and a roadblock will blow you like a broom!

The US military posted a checkpoint on the M-4 Syrian highway, which effectively blocked the ability of the Russian military to move towards the military air base ..
Do not lie. From the pictures you can see that the road is not blocked for us, go wherever you want. On the contrary, security is increasing. Or isn’t it?

That's right and close the supply of products including water. Already by the evening they evaporate.

To shoot the entrance to the porch and methodically to shoot the whole day on the roof with smoke bombs. Maybe something will wake up if they don’t understand anything humanly. And let the diapers take with them.

You are completely right. For their feeder they have sold us for a long time.

It's a shame

Rozhava is the same podpindosniki, in the sense of the Kurds who act there. I think that everything in the information is very beautiful.
The United States has effectively abandoned the Kurds, they are offended, angry and afraid of Turkey. Though somehow trying to lick the remaining Americans.
I’m not saying that the info lie I wasn’t there, but to trust such sources and make an information guide out of it?
I think that the Russian army can somehow deal with this.

Exactly. And what will Prokopenko say in his Military Secret to this?

Well, what will Mr. Prokopenko say in his Military Secret?

And what do Putin and Shoigu think about this?

It seems that besides the M4 there are no roads at all. But the desert, the steppe is no longer suitable? And go around? And then, is the block post a concrete wall? Which means "actually cuts off any movement to the Russian military airfield." Has anyone tried to drive through it?


For your information, we are in the Syrian Arab Republic at the invitation of the official president of this state and with the approval of the UN. and Pindosnia arbitrarily invaded, without asking either Syria or the UN ... So there are no Pindos there and there is no way to call them, and I think you can give them lyuley. The idea of ​​the United States does not have the right to protect illegally located military units ... and even less so, they will not start World War 3. They have no moral and legal right. they are an aggressor and a terrorist, Iran started, has fangs and that’s all, the presidential cattle in Washington were blown away, it was a show-off ... but in fact they have ousted and understand that they need to be there

It feels like only political scientists are trained in Soviet and Russian schools.

need to calibrate the post unit

That's right, exactly so.

And what, they did not know what could be?

We must ask the Iranians to come and help the Pindos drive away, otherwise our point has shrunk too much

They guard their arrogant oil thieves and they still dare to teach the world and at the same time say that Russia is destroying the world order by their monopolistic murderous system which is already at a standstill.


Put your block around the Pendo block post, taking it into the environment :)

It remains to find out who the main bully in the area is, and what if our ships ram American, then why not ram American again with our armored vehicles? And then give the driver a straight shovel.

The United States will continue to enforce its will and provoke conflicts. For the development of their state, they need a world war not on their territory and not by their forces. Now they will provoke more and more impudently. When our patience is over, they will be forced to get involved in the NATO conflict, and they themselves will go aside in order to finance and sell their weapons. But, not answering is even worse! Authority and respect comes only with great difficulty, and you can lose it overnight: there will be no friends or companions, but miserable and sympathetic people do not. It is necessary to block their posts and the movements of their troops outside the zone controlled by them, and to prevent its expansion. Together with the Syrian army. This is their land!

So it will be enough to adapt to the Pindos!

Do Syrians have problems with the car on the radio?

It is necessary to return Surovikin to Syria while he was there, the Pindos didn’t hover, just demolish this stupid block - a post, from the Sunshine so that the stones would burn, the Pindos generally lost the coast, because they know very well that we are there on completely legitimate grounds and therefore we can act

Sasha, you got confused, the American government, is precisely the owners of our kremlyady, therefore, they dunk our military in the shit of these kremlyady. In Matskwe, on Okhotny, there has long been a toothless, flea-crevice slit, whose bowl is filled from the Capitol. And when this slit doesn’t yap, they put her a feeder behind the fence, so as not to get it. And on occasion, they remind you that their puppies living in the Washington and London can be strangled.

Ours will say that this is unacceptable and will disappear.

And that the owners in Syria are no longer Syrians, but Russian mercenaries ???

It would be nice if you didn’t comment and dispose from the sofa, but went to Syria, where all your pretense of courage and courage would quickly disappear, Anika is a warrior of a small town spill.

But who are we at all? And why should Russians be masters somewhere other than Russia, they are in Syria as guests.

Friends, everything is extremely simple here, they want "kickbacks" for travel and preferably "greens"

Rightly said.

You are right. Watching and arguing is a matter of indifference and not burdened. And This is the fate of your long-suffering power. But there were moments in history when everything had to be different !!!. You hold on!


It is necessary to replace “polite Russian people” with “rude bears”. Then the others will understand who the master is.

need a good bulldozer

They do not know that the owners are us?

I think that is not the last

troll, stop shaking the kids. Are you jealous of Bandera?

need to bomb the checkpoint. Pindos understand only power. So you need to talk to them from a position of strength.

Why aggravate? You just need to block their checkpoint in response. They will go hungry for a couple of days - they will leave themselves.

Well, they are standing on the sidelines like homeless people, and what further do they interfere with someone or do you have absolutely no brains to look at the picture.

And what can I say in Russia, bureaucrats steal billions, and do not do anything, but only blah blah blah on TV. What is this talking about ??? but says that the thieves in power have no money, you are holding on there.

Well, they don’t let them in. They are privateers, the oil market is what we get from this.

They run into rudeness. The nature of this phenomenon is interesting. It’s just that they won’t succeed for a long time in simply blocking Russia's forces in Syria, where they were invited by its official authorities - they’ll get it in the brain. And if the Americans open fire, they will receive in response the full program. I think that only time is needed to evaluate and prepare the response to the case of any scenario.

You're right!!!!!!

I completely agree. We must also block the US base and see. What will they do and then do the same.

And so the Ukrainians soul asks.))))))

There is no leader capable of giving a command for an adequate answer, it’s easier to say a point is squeezed. A small impoverished Korea is bolder than Russia

You don’t need to threaten with a finger, how they act!

And the remnant's security is paper. They will not pay on it. There is simply nothing.

Vasya only concerns swineherds so you grunt further you are the swineherder, and when your monkey fellow faces are corrected, then it’s your turn

Surround their block post with a circular circled ring and let them think how to get provisions

guys when you already show these Pindos who the boss beat these striped critters

Light traffic accident involving heavy armored vehicles and cause our DPS. Will sort it out.

put the checkpoint to their checkpoint))

But it is.

I absolutely agree, the country has long been sold by these bloodsuckers, headed by the bald one!

Silently, on cat's feet, the “fighters,” controlled by the Turks and Russia, as well as pro-Shiite sentiments, must launch two rackets - and there is no checkpoint

Are you crazy! How to give it to the brain? There our “patriots” have permanent residence permits, their children and households live in the hall and bliss, and they also keep the money “earned not by hard work” (simply stolen in Russia), because those who received Pindos from their brains will be offended and will lose permanent residence / residence permit , they will take money and children and households will be sent to Russia! But how some kind of rednecks dare SUCH to offer "PATRIOTS"? Immediately imprison him !!!

Tsak, a muzzle and a short leash on a long block and at least patrol, patrons are fucking, where amers will allow

The United States believes that the only owners in the world are them!

Take an example from Iran.

As usual, our all are swallowed, do not hesitate. As long as our elite has children and money in the West, Russia will wipe itself over and over again. Well, at most, Zakharova could threaten the Pindos with a finger from the TV screen ..

Amer has already shown who the owner is, and they do not care what anyone thinks about them. Who does not like that dead man. Russia can only take care and wipe off with another spit.


No claims should be made, they must be taken out of the way by tanks and aircraft like a bunch of worthless manure

Unfortunately, we do not stick out our breasts and the Americans behave in Syria as masters and what they need to do without our consent and only grin at us as strong people.

Blocked the entrance to the base, and sho? Our express concern and all? And why can not you use force? I have been reading about this blocking for more than a day.

Again, our pooping ...
Imagine a similar situation if our armed forces blocked a US military base, for example, the southeast.
A simple question arises: Why in general do our armed forces in Syria, belly warm in the sun? If they run diapers from one species of americos.

Have to deliver bread and water by helicopter.

It is necessary for the Syrians to take part in these patrols and when rendering any tricks, they act as with occupiers! It is necessary to show who is the boss!

War is war and it is necessary to survive to destroy the enemy, regardless of where he is from Washington or Yemen!

It is clear why the Americans are in Syria. TO STEAL OIL. BREAKING BY UAVS IN SAUDI ARABIA 2
Oil refineries, OBSERVERS should see what lies on the surface. If oil is stolen from Syria, then the source must be temporarily de-energized, just as the columns of oil carriers on the routes to Turkey were eliminated.

What, and the tank will not pass without brakes ???

Give once to the brains of these Pindos, that they would remember for a lifetime.


Best in the world of aviation