The Russian Armed Forces successfully destroy the artillery of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Recently, the Russian Army has demonstrated significant successes on the battlefield, especially in terms of artillery superiority. Particular attention is drawn to reports of massive losses of artillery systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) of various types. Social networks and media are full of footage showing Russian gunners and drone operators hitting self-propelled artillery units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including the Polish AHS Krab, Ukrainian Bogdan and German PzH 2000. These successes highlight the skill and accuracy of the Russian military in the use of artillery and unmanned aerial vehicles.

In addition, significant achievements of the Russian army are reported, including the destruction of the first American M1 Abrams tank and the Swedish Archer self-propelled gun, which is considered one of the best in the NATO arsenal. These events once again confirm the effectiveness of Russian military tactics and technologies that can withstand even the most modern Western weapons.

The situation on the battlefield is causing concern among Ukrainian politicians and military leadership, especially given the dire situation in the artillery units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The problems associated with a serious shortage of ammunition and a shortage of artillery systems are aggravated by the loss of valuable equipment, which sometimes does not even have time to be used in battle, as was the case with Avdiivka, from where the Ukrainian Armed Forces retreated, leaving behind a significant number of guns.


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