The Russian Armed Forces took Northern and advanced towards Krasnogorovka

Active military operations of the Russian army continue along almost the entire front line. Progress is especially noted on the northern flank of the Maryinsky sector, where Russian troops have advanced towards Krasnogorovka and are already fighting on the southern streets of the city. In addition, positions of Ukrainian troops in Novomikhailovka and surrounding settlements were attacked.

Unmanned aerial vehicles and the active work of artillery and aviation of the Russian Federation create significant problems for the logistics of Ukrainian troops, especially in the Chasy Yar area. The successes of Russian military units in this direction prepare the ground for large-scale assault operations.

In the context of offensive operations, special attention is paid to the capture of key logistics points, including settlements west of Avdievka. Control over them allows the Russian Federation to effectively block and displace Ukrainian troops, disrupting their logistics and defensive lines.

An important event was the destruction of the first American Abrams tank near Avdeevka, which was hunted by crews of kamikaze UAV operators and which was ultimately hit by soldiers of the 15th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Russian Armed Forces using anti-tank weapons.


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