The Russian Armed Forces shot down 12 ATACMS missiles in one day


The Russian Armed Forces shot down 12 ATACMS missiles in one day

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported significant successes during the latest military operations. According to official information, operational-tactical aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, missile forces and artillery of the Russian armed forces defeated concentrations of enemy manpower and military equipment in 112 regions.

Over the past 103 hours, Russian air defense systems have demonstrated high efficiency, shooting down 62 unmanned aerial vehicles, of which XNUMX were aircraft-type and operating over Russian territory at night.

In addition, the following targets were successfully intercepted and destroyed:

- Tactical missile "Tochka-U"

- 12 ATACMS tactical missiles made in the USA

- Four Hammer guided bombs made in France

- Two US-made HARM anti-radar missiles

- Nine US-made HIMARS missiles and Alder


These actions indicate the high readiness and ability of Russian air defense forces and electronic warfare systems to effectively counter various types of threats from the enemy.

Experts note that the destruction of a significant number of drones and missiles, as well as the defeat of enemy concentrations of manpower and equipment, puts serious pressure on the combat capabilities of the Ukrainian troops, complicating their further offensive operations.


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