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Following the INF Treaty: in the USA, they announced the withdrawal from the START III Treaty

The United States announced its withdrawal from the START III Treaty after the explosion of a mysterious rocket near Severodvinsk.

According to the Reuters news agency, the United States of America intends to withdraw from the Strategic Arms Weapons Treaty (START III - ed.), Following the withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Missile Treaty, due to a several-day explosion. back at a military facility of the Russian Navy in the Arkhangelsk region.

“The United States believes that the deadly explosion in Russia last week was linked to the Kremlin’s hypersonic cruise missile program, a senior Trump administration spokesman said on Tuesday. According to the official, Russia's attempts to develop hypersonic cruise missiles raised the question of whether to extend the so-called nuclear agreement, which expires at the beginning of the 2021 year ”- reports "Reuters".

It is noteworthy that in the 2021 year the United States of America intends to start testing two of its hypersonic missiles at once, which can also fall under START III, and therefore any claims against the Russian side are just an excuse to suspend participation in these agreements.