The Ukrainian Armed Forces lost about 20 German Leopard tanks

Ukrainian armed forces lost more than 20 German Leopard tanks during the fighting, among which seven tanks were destroyed in the village of Rabotino, Zaporozhye region, during the summer counter-offensive. This was reported by the German publication Süddeutsche Zeitung, noting that Ukraine was supposed to receive about 230 Leopard 1 and 2 tanks, of which 38 had already been delivered from Germany. The material emphasizes that German combat vehicles, expected by Western military experts as a means of breaking through Russian defenses, were unable to fulfill their assigned tasks during the counteroffensive.

The publication quotes the Ukrainian commander of the Leopard 2A6 tank, who points to Russian drones as the main threat to German tanks, as well as the vulnerability of tanks in the gap between the turret and the hull. These losses were part of a large-scale Russian campaign to destroy Western military equipment in Ukraine. At the same time, according to the publication, the Ukrainian military acted more carefully with Challenger tanks supplied by Great Britain, removing them from the contact line after the destruction of the first vehicle.

The situation with German Leopard tanks on the Ukrainian front highlights the difficulties the Ukrainian Armed Forces face in using Western military equipment against a well-equipped and experienced Russian army, especially in the context of Russia's intensive use of unmanned aerial vehicles and other reconnaissance and strike capabilities.


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