The Ukrainian Armed Forces decided to transfer their reserves to Avdeevka

Despite the critical situation in Avdiivka, Ukrainian troops remain determined to hold the city, despite the threat of encirclement by Russian armed forces. The commander of the Tavria group of troops, General Alexander Tarnavsky, emphasized the intention of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to continue defensive actions, informing about the dispatch of additional reserves to the city. This decision was a response to the command of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to hold Avdiivka at any cost.

Tarnavsky clarified that, despite obvious attempts by Russian forces to divide Avdiivka into two parts, the withdrawal of Ukrainian units from the city is not expected. The main goal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the moment is to maintain control over key logistics routes and prevent the enemy from breaking through to supply roads.

According to Tarnavsky, the intention of the Russian military is clear: they are seeking to establish control over the logistics routes to support Ukrainian units on the northern flank, adding that Ukrainian troops adequately respond to such actions by strengthening defense lines and using new reserve formations.


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