The Armed Forces of Ukraine in panic are transferring reserves to the Kharkov direction, leaving Odessa and Kherson

The Ukrainian armed forces are urgently transferring all available units to the Kharkov direction, where a critical situation has developed due to a large-scale offensive by Russian troops. Ukrainian sources report this, emphasizing that significant resources are being deployed to stabilize the front, including heavy armored vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators and artillery.

The large-scale offensive of Russian troops in the Kharkov direction has put Ukrainian forces in a difficult situation. To repel the attack, the Ukrainian Armed Forces mobilize all available reserves to strengthen the defense and prevent further advance of the Russian Armed Forces, including, it is known that a significant part of the Ukrainian troops left Kherson and Odessa.

The situation in the Kharkov direction remains extremely tense. Russian troops continue to attack, striking Ukrainian positions and trying to advance deeper into the territory. Thus, in just three days, the Russian military managed to take control of an area larger than the territory captured by the Ukrainian Armed Forces as part of the summer counteroffensive.



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