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Strategic aviation of the USA


US Air Force was ready to attack Russian bases in Syria

American combat aircraft was ready to attack the Russian bases in Syria.

As it follows from the information provided by the American edition of The Wall Street Journal, shortly before the massive missile and air attack on Syrian targets, the possibility of air strikes against Russian military bases in Syria was discussed in Washington. It is known that the matter was also about the possible destruction of Russian air defense systems located on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, which would allow for a breakthrough in defense and inflict a devastating defeat on the government troops of Bashar al-Assad.

"Trump probably considered the possibility of destroying Russian military bases and facilities, which would not only provide superiority to the US military in Syria, but in this case, clashes with Russia would be inevitable", - the expert comments.

However, US President Donald Trump refused to use the Air Force capabilities to destroy Russian military facilities, as he probably realized that such rash actions would certainly lead to irreparable consequences, not only for the region, but for the whole world.

Sooner or later they will decide to test and strike at Russian bases anyway. And we, as always, will remain silent and drool in inaction.

The only sound decision was taken by mattresses that they refused to attack these objects. Do not destroy the world's oceans with the wreckage of your cookies! And what a howl would have risen in America, when, against the background of fake injections of chemists and violinists, zinc would come to their homeland! ... Bravo, Trumpushko! Though there was enough brain between acute attacks of schizophrenia.

It's good that they were puzzled by the realization that they would be destroyed.

Were ready, were ready, and what did not hit something? Are you done? In general, I strongly doubt that they are ready with their fagots for a serious clash with Russia. Not the level of intelligence.

Do not believe it, all this is a fable, who will believe that the US does not want to live.
It's a pity NS Khrushchev no, he would drive US Americans through the basements in gas masks like the old days. After Brezhnev in general, then the weaklings in our power are. Everything is afraid of something, then his oligarchs are Trump.

Again, amerikosy all spoiled, and I was going to flee to the military enlistment office ...

Most likely, an agreement was reached with the Washington regional committee. But if we talk about the possibility of striking, then the Americans have it and no air defense will stop it. There are too few forces for the respondents, and in this case the Russian Federation does not have any motivation to resist, which was shown by our actions in a particular case, we did not even try to cover Syria with at least REBs.

Do not take them for complete idiots. In the event of an attack on our bases, we would have to tight. But they would have suffered losses and not babies. And the first coffins with the Americans will bury at once all the current US Administration. They have created an illusion of unconquerability. Before that, we had to fight only with papers. And there was not even a war on its territory yet. They are afraid of this most !!!!!

Discuss they can do anything: as they say, dreaming is not harmful. The issue of implementation. If you, dumbbells, were afraid to go into the airspace of Syria, then what kind of attack on Russia's newest air defense you dreamed of? Our old Soviet weapons, I emphasize, the old, destroyed 70% of your smart missiles. And our newest weapon would smash all your maritime group, all your cans. First try to make such smart missiles, which we have. Not sure it's going to happen.

Well, would destroy 20 air defense points, well, and a hundred more would remain ... Trump realized the senselessness of this