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The USAF has transferred combat helicopters to Latvia 13

The United States transferred combat helicopters to Latvia 13

On Friday, February 8, the Ministry of Defense of Latvia made a discussion about the fact that the USA deployed UH-13 and HH-60 Black Hawk helicopters in the country 60. This is done according to the terms of Operation Atlantic Resolve (Atlantic Resolve), which aims to strengthen the security of the region.

The report of the Ministry of Defense noted that the location of the helicopters was the airbase of the Latvian armed forces, located in Lielvarde. At the same time, almost 150 of the United States military arrived in the country to rotate into the country. Their duty station is the third battalion of the first aviation brigade.

The task of the US military - ensuring the operation of helicopters. At the same time, they will conduct joint training sessions with the military personnel of Latvia, as well as with the military of the NATO troops stationed in the country.