US military in Syria


"This is a warning to all Russian forces": US Air Force sets Russia an ultimatum on Syria

After clashes between the Russian and American military, the US Air Force delivered an ultimatum to Russia.

A few hours ago, speaking to reporters in the Pentagon, Major General of the U.S. Air Force announced that Russia had been given a clear warning not to take any provocative measures and not to test the patience of the United States in Syria in areas where oil and gas are produced.

“I think that Russians always feel us. Our warning every time is to try to avoid the escalation of the situation, not to take any provocative actions and require them to adhere to the protocols ”- said Major General of the US Air Force Alexus Grinkevich, emphasizing that this is a warning to all Russian forces in the Arab Republic.

On what basis the American side blocks the passage of the Russian military to the eastern part of Syria - it is not specified, however, experts note that the actions of the American military are provocative, and therefore, experts do not exclude clashes with the use of force between Russian and American military personnel.

What measures will the United States take if Russia simply ignores such a warning, which is, in fact, an ultimatum, Alexus Grinkevich did not specify, but the tension in the region has grown very much over the past two weeks.

Urgently calling the UN Security Council, a note to the ambassador, making noise in the media ... With Assad about the rights of Americans to wells and production and security conditions ... well, and in case of a threat to the life of Russian military personnel, an immediate harsh reaction ...

I totally agree.

As for the ultimatum, it seems to me that the press is overreacting. At least, the chairman of the committee of chiefs of staff and not in a briefing, but in an official form can put forward frictional friction, but we'll see later.

So, what interests Russia in Syria?

The United States should be ashamed of the theft of alien (Syrian) wealth! They used to kill and steal with impunity! It must end.

So the cards were revealed --- they are interested in oil there, but they do not care about people, they are robbing chaos for now.

Fantasy they themselves print at the price of toilet paper --- and sell for gold to anyone.

Illegal production during the illegal presence of troops on the territory of a foreign state is called robbery during the occupation.

They should be billed for pumped oil, at the market price and in Syrian pounds, and not in candy wrappers.

Yes, I’ve already acted rather; - do not give in to provocations, detain provocateurs and agitators until the circumstances are clarified. For some reason, judging by the behavior of the other side, they read such an order to them. Or introduced misconceptions.

Brevity, not only the sister of talent, but also the truth!

Pindo Americans have one protocol: do not ask to rob any state and name

None of your Cheka there is none

Which strategist sat down in the comments, horror ... Another Napoleon from the 6th chamber.

Purely gangster approach. We’ve got your oil off, and you sit there and be silent. Otherwise, you get the full program. Well, and now what. The barbarians of the transatlantic empire of lies scared our valiant warriors? They say they captured our entire major general. What is it like. On the laurels

There is no less accurate saying: "P $ # $ # - do not toss bags"

This is some kind of US PMC welded, for this, and the IG came up with. And Russia decided to hold on to an example of the killing through an UAV of an Iranian general. Bottom line - Russian generals are sitting in the basements, patrols are wrapped up. It turns out 5 years worked for Uncle Sam ?.

The author, what else is an ultimatum? If, when our attack helicopter appeared, no one even uttered a bell and our guys drove quietly.

There is a cure for any pedo-American arrogance. It is called BY BREAD GIVE to thick-handed pedo-American robbers.

very accurately you said about syria but you need to say this about Ukraine


Descendants of bandits and gallows, the law is unwritten to them, then they remained in the blood. Nothing and not so badly seen.

The Americans said we won’t leave, we like these oil fields, we will protect them from aliens. The Syrians should go forward, this is their land. Give me weapons. Let us not climb. We have already liberated Bulgaria.

amerikosy did so last February with our PMC

While the children of the Kremlin’s brothers live in America, our troops will chew snot. And if any major with the soldiers doesn’t stand it and heap on the Amers, he’ll be condemned and expelled from Syria. The order to “attack” from the top will never come.

I think that we don’t agree about the Americans, apparently they are in Syria as legal representatives of the purchased deposits? in Russia, half of the mining industry also belongs to the West!

drive the Americans out of Syria, I believe that our troops will be transported there until 2025 and will leave when the world gets better

A sho tse take: LOW provocations?

The US does not recognize the Assad government as legal.
They guard and defend the rebels who are fighting against Assad.
And it has long been clear that the UN Security Council is not a decree for them.

And what, one wonders, they get oil and gas there? Who allowed? Does this, in general, excite anyone in the UN, for example, and other countries? That is, to dig resources in a foreign country, destroyed by American democracy - is this normal?

The most WARNING of the Russian Federation, - YANKS, is rush for the most LOW provocations, they have experience, - the North continent of America was completely cleared of the INDIGENOUS POPULATION.

But Vovka listens and eats ..

It is not clear that our snot chew. If they are embarrassed to break in and Assad is afraid, they can ask for real men from Iran, they had mischief with ballistic missiles in Iraq, so maybe they’d better “work” in Syria on the terrorist forces of the IDPO? Both Syria’s benefits and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will be able to travel without obstacles, and the SAA, as the owners, will cease bowing before the IDPO ... Or is Assad better to invite Chinese comrades? Will a useful exhaust appear?

oil and gas steal! busy shorter business! while the Russian Federation mumble, the lot of the weak mumble and make excuses!

I am very interested in what kind of genital organ do Pindos in Syria do? Guard their barmaley and steal someone else's oil? So can Mexico organize for the production of hydrocarbons in Texas and Mexican drug lords make governors in California, Texas, Louisiana?

In fact, Russia is there at the invitation of the current president of Syria, but what is the US doing there stealing the brazen fossils of Syria, is that a question?

Russian hamsters are not afraid

Excuse me, what are the Americans doing in Syria and why is it there?

Wise guy, first watch the video. There were civilian cars. This was pure provocation. At the last moment, the Americans would have gone aside, and ours would have to deal with local activists, under the cameras of journalists.

Taiga is gone, nothing to do here, Pindos did not wait

Syrian police need to check with the U.S. military for a presence visa in the SAR

You, my friend, still do not understand? Well, you’re stupid, tons of paper are written on this subject, thousands of hours of air have been spent, but you don’t understand. It's strange, as if you know how to write, use the keys - and now try your brains.

Russia is there at the invitation of the Syrian government and, unlike the United States, is really fighting ISIS and other bandit groups

history must be known. It was after these events in Cuba that Russia was recognized in the West and in the USA as a Super Power, with all the consequences, the withdrawal of troops from Turkey, etc. So what about Khrushchev’s brains more accurately. The man was not easy!

Keep track of the information. The entire retired government simply changed offices without leaving the building.

Shurik, do you sit in one of the tanks or call Vasya to fight?

Why do we need a cookie under the door?
Do you often talk about your pants?
He removed the rockets from Turkey - did a little, ay-ay ...

Like, on the one hand, the last Chinese warning. And on the other - they send us a signal, and we send it back!

It is difficult to say what is more dangerous for the country!

There was such an aggregate in the Soviet army as the BAT. It very well cleans such rubbish for the passage of military equipment.

"Robotron" by definition, and as we see in fact, has no brains (which is a pity ...)

Well, since the United States does not allow it, you must, as always, wipe yourself and return to Russia.

The United States guards Syrian oil. And as a payment for this, they take this oil to themselves.

this, what a new kind of troops of the Russian Federation "PMC Wagner" ??? A bunch of hooligans with small arms earning money? No wonder. These are not regular troops and have little to do with Russia. And it’s high time to drive through the checkpoints. And on top of the turntables to accompany.

The Syrians left for Europe for a free life, and the Russians must solve their problems by giving their lives.

In my opinion, ours are already crap in relation to the Americans! From the first blocking, it was necessary to fight back! How? Tanks! It was necessary to push the Americans out of the way with tanks!

the march has already begun to sleep, it’s too early to go to school tomorrow, but again I didn’t learn Russian lessons ...


What are you doing here? You at least need to be the headquarters of the Russian group in Syria. For a long time already put things in order.

Swamp rubbish must be crushed in the bud so that it could not peak. There is a lot of Siberian work in the taiga, they have the best use there.

Which side does this concern you?

Something no media writes, as the American patrol did in his pants, and half of them quit. Just like one blogger came up with a fabulous story with Donald Cook. And we, for the most part, technically illiterate, believed.
But at one time, Kennedy straightened Khrushchev’s brains, forcing him to remove missiles from Cuba. True, he made small concessions.

Well done, at least one wrote correctly !!!

Excuse me, what is Russia doing in Syria and why is it there?

We must send the entire government there, which is now retired, now we don’t need it anyway. Let yourself protect us and you, and now they’re not sitting and shaking us in the face.

We must send the entire government there, which is now retired, now we don’t need it anyway. Let yourself protect us and you, and now they’re not sitting and shaking us in the face.

When reading about such tricks of the US military, I often recall a fairy tale (in my opinion, Marshak) about how a simple sparrow of a terrible cockroach swallowed. From this cockroach all animals trembled with fear. But this fear turned out to be fake.

Send your son there to give them there in the face!

blows to the bases of the Iranians have already shown how to bazaar with the foul Yankees, only a blow from Iskander Caliber will make the Yankees remember that they are mortal and climbed into a foreign country

if the Americans get "on the nose in Syria then the rupe will probably rise

But do not some focus on their - Rogul-related problems? And to find out about his, Rogul, sense of smell, how and what it tickles.

Portraying the unsolicited "protection of Syrian oil"
The USA is plundering it on an especially large scale.

Agree. Plus, once to give them in the face with the Syrians, then they will understand who is the boss in the house.

scan personal phone numbers of the US Armed Forces and send SMS "STORE WITH PAMPERS, WE WILL BEAT!"

chto.chto who blather yes go ka ....

Some gopniks give an ultimatum to others who need to milk an oil cow!

It’s time to send the Russian Guard, headed by Zolotov, to Syria to protect Gazprom’s interests. Let them show dare when defending oligarchic interests, otherwise all the Swamp, and the Swamp ...

where is cheese borough a legitimate government it is up to him to decide who should be on their land who doesn’t obey if the terrorists provide all the information to the world community and there you can see who draws political and economic conclusions and if this is the seizure of territories by the United States this could happen any country

Not only are these bastards are not legally in a foreign territory, they also pump the rights. it’s just necessary to find a way to show these “figures” their true place!

Sergei! To listen to you, so “Pindos” are the younger kindergarten group. Maybe you are not aware that on February 7, 2018, the “Pindos” turned into meat about 200 Russian mercenaries from PMC Wagner. And with caps (according to your recipe) you can’t kill them.

why stop? Who didn’t have time, it’s not my fault.

By mutual decision, the Efrat River is a division of the spheres of Russia and the United States. Kurdish oil fields on the east bank. Last year, Russia tried using the “they are not there” method, but having lost 3/4 of the composition, it did not calm down by connecting the Chechen “patrol”. Russia does not feel sorry for Chechens, as well as their partners. And the smell of oil tickles Moscow’s nostrils.

In other words: "... Russians do not bother us to steal (corrected by censorship) oil ..."

exactly !!! )

Clever! Write still Ildarchik, maybe they will listen to you.

There are many ways to squeeze the Yankees out of Syria without using weapons. Here is one of them. preparing shock support of 5 of those that go in front of the Patrol. One nak in the middle of the road and 2 tanks on each side., And behind them a patrol. The patrol drives up to the Pindos and gives them 10 minutes so that the Pindos are not visible. The Pindos at the indicated time did not get out of the road before the patrol. the tank wedge begins to move towards the Pindos; the central tank turns the gun barrel back and rams everything that is on the road, removing the Pindos from the road. tank tanks are holding all the Pindos equipment on the sights. A pair of such rams will repel any hunt to block the road in Syria for patrols. There are several more options how to psychologically pressure Pindos with high results.

Let their women give ultimatums, assholes

In my opinion, they overdid it with democracy. Do they really have every major general who has the right to put forward ultimatums to another state? then it's a complete mess.

Now, the Pindos will have a chance to meet Caucasians.

As an option, SAR and somewhere with the Kurds

Well, technically, this is not an ultimatum, otherwise it would be either-or, for example, or fulfill the conditions of the ultimatum (say, scold yourself) before such and such a term, or we will make a bang. And here is a warning.

Warnings .... always was - who dared he ate. Sooner or later you have to step over the warnings ...

As I wrote earlier, it is necessary that patrols be carried out together with the fighters of Syria !!! And the Syrians explained to the Pindos who is the OWNER in Syria !!!


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