US Air Force told where and when they will attack the Russian fighter Su-30

The US Air Force said that they would attack the Russian Su-30 fighter jets.

The American edition of The Drive, citing a statement by the US Air Force, reports that the crews of F-15 C \ D fighters will work out an attack on the Russian Su-30MKI fighters. It will happen within the framework of the military exercises “Cope India 2019”, in which India has already declared its readiness to give the US a chance to try Su-30MKI fighters in a training battle.

“The crews of F-15C / D fighters will have an excellent opportunity to“ practice ”against various aircraft used by their Indian colleagues. Air exercises with the participation of Russian-made Su-30MKI are especially valuable, since these planes and their derivatives are actively operated by two potential "great opponents" of the United States, Russia and China. ", - the edition "The Drive" informs.

Despite the earlier statement that the Russian Su-30MKI fighters are significantly superior to the American F-15 fighters, the United States believes that in reality there will be no problems in the case of a real air battle for the US Air Force pilots.

According to official data, Russia delivered the X-NUMX Su-32MKI fighter to India, but later, India began to produce these combat aircraft on its own as part of a license.

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