British Airways has


Departure of the flight "British Airways" was postponed because of a lack of toilet paper

The aircraft «British Airways» could not fly from Barbados to London due to the lack of toilet paper.

Such kazusnye situation was described in the British media, and, as noted by the source, the aircraft commander flatly refused to perform the flight, while stocks of toilet paper on board the aircraft will not be replenished properly. As a result of the incident perform flights from Barbados to London was delayed by 5 hours, which created a lot of problems for the airline passengers, whose leadership has expressed regret over the incident, citing the fact that the guilty will be found and brought to justice.

It is assumed that the aircraft commander, could express the leadership of the British company to protest against low salaries and difficult working conditions, but at the same time, he was guided by official guidance, and therefore, any violation on his part no.