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Released in Russia missile never found

The missile launched by the Spanish fighter could fall in Russia.

The incident that occurred with the Spanish fighter in the airspace of Estonia raises serious concerns among military experts. Ten days have passed since the incident, but despite this fact, it was not possible to find the tracks of the rocket, and indirect evidence appeared that the missile could actually fall on the territory of Russia.

The continued search for an air-to-air missile, accidentally released by a Spanish pilot, did not yield any results, and analysts are increasingly confident that the missile fell on the territory of Russia. No official comments have been received so far, but analysts have suggested that it could self-destruct, which, however, also found no official confirmation.

It should be clarified that the launching of the missile in the direction of Russia also caused a lot of questions to NATO, since such actions, although completely accidental, can be fully described as aggressive, and therefore NATO can refuse to conduct constant patrol flights in the airspace of countries bordering on Russia, which will prevent the recurrence of such situations in the future.

It seems, lost in the boundless, vast expanses of Estonia !!!

... if it flew farther than the Baltic to the east, it has long been found ...