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The withdrawal of 59 civil aircraft and helicopters from Russian jurisdiction could be legal

An expert in the field of civil aviation, Pavel Gerasimov, expressed the opinion that the withdrawal from Russian jurisdiction of 59 civil aircraft and helicopters, including Il-76 and Mi-8, is not an illegal act, provided that all necessary documents are properly completed. This statement came against the backdrop of searches conducted by the Federal Security Service in the Federal Air Transport Agency on the facts of the illegal withdrawal of these aircraft from the country. The searches took place as part of criminal investigations into negligence and abuse of power by agency employees.

The context of initiating criminal cases was related to the inspection of the activities of the Federal Air Transport Agency for the state registration of aircraft, carried out by the Ministry of Transport. During the inspection process, violations were identified related to the deregistration of airplanes and helicopters, contrary to current legislation. However, Gerasimov emphasized that with proper paperwork, a change of jurisdiction is absolutely legal.

Gerasimov noted that deregistration and subsequent re-registration in another jurisdiction can be carried out legally when the owner of the aircraft changes. He also pointed to the practice of using Mi-8 helicopters by Utair airlines under leasing agreements with the UN, which required re-registration of the ships in a jurisdiction that allows them to be insured. Thus, the withdrawal of aircraft from Russian jurisdiction, according to the lawyer, is part of the normal practice of airlines aimed at ensuring their commercial activities and compliance with international insurance requirements.


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