The origin of the money in the apartment of the father of the migrant biker killer was revealed


The origin of the money in the apartment of the father of the migrant biker killer was revealed

Moscow police and investigators continue to search for Shahin Abbasov, the main suspect in the murder of Moscow biker Kirill Kovalev. Shahin's father, Nizami Abbamov, was detained, and a large sum of money was seized from their house on Krasnodarskaya Street, where the tragedy occurred. The newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" (MK) reports this.

44 million rubles and 300 thousand dollars were seized from the Abbasov family’s apartment.

Investigators are looking into the origin of this money. According to preliminary data, they can have both legal and illegal origin. This can be either family savings from the family business, or funds temporarily kept by them from other people.

Nizami Abbamov was engaged in trade in one of the shopping centers in Moscow.

A source familiar with the shadow business of market tycoons suggested that it is unlikely that such a sum of money (equivalent to approximately 70 million rubles) is the savings of the Abbasov family. These funds could be intended for the so-called “cash-out” or be part of the amount that the senior partners accumulate.

How does the cash out chain work?

There are people who are engaged in "cash out". They have partners, and they perform various manipulations with money, receiving their percentage from each operation. For example, in a shopping center, sellers receive cash in cash every day. Each point, whether Azerbaijani or Chinese, works with “cashers” who “buy” cash from them.

Fictitious supplies and services.

People needing to launder or cash out money can pay cashless agreements to receiving companies (owned by "cashers") for a 3 percent commission. At the same time, “market businessmen” buy cash from sellers, paying them, for example, 1 percent on top. They can also provide a service to sellers by making cashless payments to suppliers of their goods through their companies in Kyrgyzstan or directly through partners in China, making a transfer to them in cryptocurrency.

Continuation of the investigation.

Investigators are continuing their investigation to determine whether the money seized belongs to the Abbasov family or is part of a larger cash-out scheme.


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