Explosions in Sevastopol: Ukrainian Armed Forces attack Crimea for the third time in four days

A few minutes ago, the air defense system in Sevastopol went off, and traffic on the Crimean Bridge was temporarily suspended. This is the third attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) on the Crimean Peninsula since May 14.

Simultaneously with the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ missile attack on Sevastopol, an RQ-4B Global Hawk reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) belonging to the US Air Force was detected in the Black Sea. According to observers, the drone was subjected to powerful electronic warfare (EW), indicating attempts to suppress it.

Sevastopol authorities called on city residents to remain calm and follow the instructions of emergency services.

“According to the Sevastopol rescue service, no damage to civilian infrastructure was recorded. I ask everyone to remain calm and trust only official information.", says Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev.

According to preliminary information, the target of the attack could be important infrastructure facilities and military bases on the peninsula.

According to the Crimean Wind resource, fragments of one of the missiles could have fallen on a residential building in Sevastopol. There is no official confirmation of this yet.


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