"I called today what will happen": Putin threatened the United States with the Avangard rocket for the new Caribbean crisis

Vladimir Putin told what will happen if the United States decides to create a new Caribbean crisis.

Against the background of a recent statement in the US calling for a new Caribbean crisis, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia is not interested in this, but if they still decide on this in the US, the Avangard complex will be the answer of Russia.

“I hope that they [methods of dispute resolution] will be used so that no new crises like the Caribbean are created in the world. There is no reason for this. What, is there some kind of tough confrontation between the two systems, as it was during the Cold War? After all, no. If someone wants there, then please. I called today what will happen. ”- said the Russian leader, noting that the response to the actions of the United States will be the Russian hypersonic missile system "Avangard".

It should be clarified that the situation around Venezuela continues to worsen, while the authorities of this Latin American country are still awaiting a possible invasion by the United States, especially since Donald Trump himself called for the Venezuelan opposition to overthrow the current government in any possible way.

Here you have one more benefit from our, Russian, missile systems.

Lucky Turks.

They do not have to fend off the American, flying, a coffin which, exceptional, forcibly, trying to vtyuhat everyone. :-)