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Japan: US to expel Russian VCS from disputed islands

Japan intends to call on the US to help against Russia.

Against the backdrop of Japan's dissatisfaction with the fact that Russia has deployed its combat aircraft and air defense equipment on the islands disputed with this country, the authorities of the Land of the Rising Sun have seriously considered calling for the help of their main ally, the US, which could threaten a new military conflict.

According to the Japanese media, if necessary, combat aircraft of the United States can be deployed to the shores of Japan in just three days, which will actively counter the actions of the Russian military, who refused to take any measures to remove military aviation equipment from in Japan are considered controversial.

Experts saw in the statement of the Japanese media the most real threat to Russia, which could turn out to be serious problems for this country, in particular, the Chinese edition of "East Day" provided the following quote from military experts:

“If Japan dares to use force against Russia, do not blame Russia for being aggressive. Putin warned the whole world that any violation of the sovereignty of the country would lead to a large-scale and lightning response, including with the use of nuclear weapons. ”

It should be clarified that no official statements have been made by the United States on this matter.

From the evil of ignorance and hatred one must be treated and read

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Lost cross-eyed and oz.Hasan, and Halkin Gol. They then also tried to drive out.

What is the difference between Russian and Japanese? .......
Theme that the Russians BEFORE PREVIZE the US for the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ............

Japan is not a country, it's a hundred type of a barn for the Yankees, and as if a shed if it burns down, it's not so much loss that it would be easy for him to climb into a bear den.

We have a disputable territory with the yapas. This is Hokkaido, which was investigated by the Cossacks much earlier than the Yapis came there and destroyed the Aborigines. According to the agreement with the allies, the USSR should have freed from the yap not only the Kuriles, but also Hakkaido. Sorry, did not have time: Yap slychkom early capitulated.

Before Putin's visit to Japan, he was asked how he would solve the issue with the problem of 4 islands ("northern territories"). I liked his answer: "We have no problems with these islands."

Why not call on the DPRK for Korea to finally feel its historical justice, squeezing aggressor Nippo from the primordially Russian territory of Edso - we do not mind ...

Forgot to see how the nuclear mushrooms grow. I'll have to remember, then let them blame themselves.

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Every young Japanese (Japanese) knows that her country was bombed by the USSR's nuclear weapons

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These islands belong to Russia. Stop fooling! And the United States itself if not to run into a retaliatory strike. The Japanese probably forgot who bombed them in the Second World War.

America will pay dearly for its carefree climbing out of its own affairs .. Wait)))

A bad story read. The Japanese wanted to attack, but after the defeat of the Germans near Moscow, they suddenly changed their mind.


There are no "disputed territories". The Japanese were told about this directly and without equivocation. Say thank you that Soviet troops in Tokyo did not enter, or even Japan would not have been. I'm also kamikaze.

Do not judge us. Even if Sasha gets involved in the disputed territories - nest there to nip his nostrils. Losing the war - what can be disputable territory? ...

Absolutely. no negotiations and no disputable territories.

14 April 1941. in Moscow, an act of non-aggression was signed between the USSR and Japan, which Japan was faithfully carrying out despite the fact that it was part of the tripartite union.

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They wrote wrongly, they meant that for 4 days Japan and the US will be destroyed

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Nipon people are stubbornly stubborn in achieving a goal in mind, but REAL power is taken sensibly. That's just flirting with them was not necessary, they do not understand the "friendly" relationship. Black should be black and NO talks about "disputed" territories should not be. There should not even be a hint of their opportunity to be.

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At the very least, it's amazing to not say otherwise, to hear threats from the state, which can be literally washed away from the face of the planet by some not even very powerful tsunami ...

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You would still remember the battle 300-400-years ago. But what about Khasan and Khalkhin Gol, Manchuria? Who is who to whom? That's the same. Teach materiel, dvoechnik!

And Eugene Katz suggests surrendering ... At once ...

A second flight will not arrive! And to respond to the blow, you will certainly have to at least play a trifle though not!

We remember. That's why they were given them later, which you just need to know about.

As soon as protests against SfsA troops in Okinawa grow in Japan, they are extinguished by the Russian threat. In the government of Japan there are subpindos who quickly execute the order to make a "resonant statement". And from myself I will add that Russia does not place military on disputed islands, since there are no disputed islands.

It is bad to walk with your eyes closed and not see who is throwing nuclear bombs at you.

In Japan, most ordinary people believe that the USSR struck a nuclear strike on their cities. I was shocked when I found out!

In the Tsushima Strait, the Russian fleet believed in itself and tried to mix with the shit the Japanese squadron. To remind you how it ended? Nobody will give so simply to strike on Japan and will arrive to all of us on the most do not indulge.

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17 Aug - Fox News anchorman Ainsley Erhardt said that the United States defeated "Communist Japan".

Blow up, is there another nuclear charge in the Fukushima area?

"Communist Japan" is akin to "ground Liebentrop"
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If the Japanese need land, then let them take America for two ruined cities, and everything will be fair.