Japanese MFA


Japan demands from Russia to return the Kuriles and military compensation

Japan expects to receive the Kuril Islands from Russia and military compensation.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan made a statement that the conclusion of the Peace Treaty with Russia implies "military compensation" and the return of the Kuril Islands, which in Japan consider their own territory. In fact, Japan is once again embarking on a path of increasing confrontation with Russia, which could lead to serious problems in the political relations between the two countries.

It should be clarified that earlier Russia had made it clear to Japan that it was not at all possible to transfer the Kuril Islands group, while Japan could improve its relations with Russia through the conclusion of a peace treaty. Japan’s position on this issue remains extremely difficult, in particular, initially Japan threatened Russia with military and political pressure, later agreed to transfer part of the Kuril Islands to its sovereignty, however, in the last statement of the Japanese Foreign Minister, that in addition to the return of the islands, Russia must make the payment of "military compensation."

Against the background of obvious aggravations in political relations with Japan, Russia further strengthened its military presence on the islands, placing here means of fighter and bomber aviation, modern means of air and missile defense, coastal missile systems, etc.

The United States should ask for compensation for nuclear bombing. Kuriles. They should forget and accept. Sea of ​​Okhotsk is ours, the ridge is also.

The Anti-Comintern Pact (German: Antikominternpakt, Jap. 日 独 防 共 ит, Ital. Patto anticomintern, date of conclusion - November 25 1936 g. Place of detention - Berlin) - an international treaty (pact) concluded between Germany and Japan, which created a bilateral bloc of these states, directed against the countries of the 3 Communist International (Comintern, from which, in fact, the name of the pact) in order to prevent the further spread of Soviet influence in the world

The Berlin Pact 1940 of the Year also known as the Pact of the Three Powers of 1940 of the Year or the Tripartite Pact - an international treaty (pact) concluded on 27 of September 1940 between representatives of the main countries participating in the Anti-Comintern Pact: Germany (Joachim von Ribbentrop), Italy (Galeazzo Chiano) and Japan Empire (Saburo Kurusu) for a period of 10 years.

It's enough!!

Balalaika them, not the island. They have not returned the royal gold to us. A bit more ice is melting and the gurgle will be. Simple Japanese pity, they are not all like their government.

We have not ended the war? Which, by the way, we did not announce. Well, and pay them compensation by bombs and missiles. With delivery. One "Poseidon" will pay the entire bill.

Not certainly in that way. Japan in the Second World did not attack us. But we have violated the contract with them ... snatch Zemlyak)))
I agree with the rest! Vassabi them with oil, but not ...

GOLD???? and their military presence and the robbery and killing of civilians .. can be counted from the time of the Entente and even earlier. In general, you probably should expect it so much as AMERICA .. TWO ATOMIC BOMBES (WE ARE IN THE STATE OF WAR), along the northern part of the Japanese island and peaceful the contract will be signed without any conditions

We did not attack Japan, but they attacked us. And they will give us alive the soldiers who died? And the fact that strengthened the defense of the Kuriles, Putin Good!

The Japs have become insolent: this is the result of negotiations on the Kuril Islands. We must demand from them to return the gold that they received during the civil war ...